After the Fire, New Life
acrylic, ink, bronzing
powder, mica flakes
on 24 wooden boxes
(4" x 4" each)
The inspiration for this series of images
derives from a pair of mountain hikes
on Santa Catalina Island after a 2007
wildfire swept down the ravines
threatening the town of Avalon.  A hike
through the burn zone four months after
the fire revealed a barren landscape
littered with blackened manzanita
skeletons and flattened stands of
prickly pear (as well as the
heartbreaking sight of a marker
indicating where the body of a rare
Catalina Fox was found).  Another hike
through the same region a year later
showed the heartening signs of life in
renewal with green shoots sprouting
from the dark sculptures remaining
from the burned trees and shrubs.  

These images (painted on small
boxes) are dedicated to people who
persevere and live their life with positive
energy and spirit in the face of adversity.
All images © Ron Orpitelli 2010