Annunciation: Day Two
oils, acrylics, gold leaf
on bowling ball
10" x 8"
© Ron Orpitelli 2005
This piece is a playful exploration
into creating an inauthentic ancient
artifact: a household shrine.  The
mundane materials (a cracked
bowling ball - blue in color,
engraved with the name "Mary" -
and a faded pink plastic
ashtray from a Las Vegas casino)
are items found in any home (well
… in my home anyway).  

By mimicking colors, textures and
symbols of religious paintings from
the Italian Renaissance, I
transformed these objects into an
icon illustrating the Virgin Mary
experiencing a very human concern
the morning after her visitation from
the Angel of God announcing her
upcoming motherhood.  

Disrespect is not my intention (I did
omit Mary's original thought bubble
exclaiming “Oh God, I'm going to
get as big as a bowling ball!”).  
Rather, I was intrigued to
incorporate the most modest of
personal items with the most basic
of human frailties (doubt) to result
in a (very fake) object of private
religious veneration.