The Island of Golden Asses
acrylic on canvas
12" by 16"
From: Dictionary of
Imaginary Places
(Alberto Manguel and
Gianni Guadalupi –
New York, 1980):

“Golden Asses, Island of,
near the island of

This is where the Wise
Men of Gotham, and
other people from
Polypragmosyne who
have meddled with things
they do not understand,
end their days, having
been turned into donkeys
with ears a yard long.

It is said that they will
remain donkeys until,
by the laws of natural
development, the thistles
on the island turn into
roses. In the meantime,
the inhabitants comfort
themselves with the
thought that the longer
their ears, the thicker
their hides, so a good
beating will not hurt them.
Visitors can ride the
inhabitants at leisure.”

Original source:
The Water-Babies:
A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
(Charles Kingsley –
London, 1863)
© Ron Orpitelli 2016