Broken Heart
wood, nails, beads, mixed artifacts, electrics
10" x 10"
(photo by Daniel Herron)
© Ron Orpitelli 1992
Born out of a broken heart, this piece is a visual representation of a
battle I'm sure many fight to reassure themselves that in spite of some
external spikes, inside their heart really is rich and full.

Sad to say, one of my strongest memories of making this piece is fairly
perverse.  After adding the nails to the outer case, I experimented with
adding oatmeal to achieve the desired crusty texture.  Instant oatmeal.  
With raisins and cinnamon.  

After glopping it on, I placed the piece outside in the backyard to dry in
the 100+ degree heat.  Later I went outside to see that the piece was
now a solid swarming mass of ants.  I was riveted.  It was an incredible
visual with the nails sticking out through the writhing insects.  That's still
one of the most arresting visuals I have ever created!

Alas, it was impermanent (to say nothing of being more than slightly off
track from my plans).  So once the ants had their fill, I retrieved the piece
and did some rethinking and retooling.  But I always remember those
ants when I see this piece.
Contributed as part of the Second Annual Recycled AIDS
Medicine Program Silent Art Auction in San Francisco, June
2007 (fundraiser for RAMP's operating budget and support for
Zimbabwe AIDS Relief.  Please visit their web site at: