sequins, beads and trims with acrylics on fabric
34" x 36"
PS: I am certain this banner
relates somehow to a favorite
bit of fabric I keep above my
work table.  The scrap is a
small, worn, frayed diamond
of muslin covered with faded
blue sequins and beads.  I
found it on the worn athletic
field of the old Mountain View
High School (long gone...I
lived in Mountain View, CA, in
the mid 1980's).  It caught my
eye on that field very early on
the morning after the Carson
& Barnes Circus struck tent
and left town by night following
a two-day run.  It invokes for
me the powerful image of a
once-glittering magnificence
that has fallen into ruin.
A cautionary note: This banner is what happens when you retreat into the
sanctuary of your workspace in response to a turbulent  life outside the studio.  
Oh it started innocently enough, even a bit playful.  
(Woo hoo!  Sequins!  Beads!  
Fabric!  No plan whatsoever!)
 Then, inexplicably,  text entered into the picture
(specifically a favorite movie quote to which I have related for quite a few years:
"Perhaps I don't recognize love.  I'm not a wise man").  Then, again inexplicably,
I found myself apparently doing all I could to obliterate the text,  making it
unreadable, and  trashing and ruining the banner it was on.  Playtime was over.  
After some introspection, I began approaching the piece with the new realization
that my long-held affinity to the quote had changed (most certainly in regard to
the first line, not so much the second).  I became conscious of turning the piece
into a relic, wreckage of a preciously honored and preserved attitude from long
ago that has since been repudiated.  Though the resulting banner seems to
unsettle the few folks who have seen it in person thus far, I seem to gather
comfort from it and have kept it close.
© Ron Orpitelli 2006
© Ron Orpitelli 2006