San Jose Pride
(le petite chapeau)
foam core, acrylics, mixed media
4' x 3'
Created to honor a landmark birthday being celebrated in 2007 by
the incomparable Miss Lucy Manhattan, (an observance which
nicely coincided with the San Jose Pride Festival), this hat is a
love letter to our home town.  As Lucy said while debuting her new
hat in the parade, "San Jose has gone to my head!".

I enjoyed bouncing ideas around with Lucy about which of our
favorite San Jose visuals should be included, and it was only the
realization that the hat actually had to be wearable that made us
edit down our selections (reluctantly).
All images © Ron Orpitelli 2007
My work on this project brought back to me incredible memories of
building theatrical set models with scenic designer Ken Holamon
quite a few years ago.  Thoughts of Ken are always with me in the
studio.  But it was a special joy to commemorate his  love of glitter
(a love we shared) by using so much of the wonderful stuff on this
project.  Once again glitter has invaded EVERY part of our
household, and I couldn't be happier!
Me and Lucy
"Good fashion always
begins with comfy shoes!"
"I have never looked so youthful!!"  ...L
"Me hobnobbing
with my newest
Santa Clara
County District
Dolores Carr.  
We're close."  ...L
"I'm more popular
than Mickey Mouse!  
Smile everyone, say
"scrotum"!"   ...L
"Even these
lovely people
good taste!  
They couldn't
resist taking a
delightful picture
of moi."  
"Peace be with you!!"  ...L
Lucy Manhattan, the Diva Deluxe, once
again  modeled her favorite hat
Jose Pride (le petite chapeau)
at the May
23, 2010, "Taste of Silicon Valley" fund
raiser to benefit the AIDS Leadership
Photos by Anna 2010
Lucy Manhattan, the Diva Deluxe, has chosen to retire her beloved le petit chapeau.  As of December 2013, it has been suitably
archived in a glass shadow box.  Miss Lucy assures one and all that unlike her chapeau, she is most decidedly NOT ready to be
hung in a museum, and in fact remains available for almost any public spectacle to which she can wangle an invitation.
All images © Ron Orpitelli 2013